Wu Zhen West Village (乌镇西柵)

Wuzhen enjoys a history of over 1,000 years since its establishment in 872 A.D. However, according to the textual research of the Tanjiawan site, one of the important cultural relics under state protection, ancestors of the Wuzhen people existed here during the New Stone Age 7,000 years ago. The ancient Grand Canal nurtured the splendid culture of Wuzhen, and a long historic accumulation endowed Wuzhen with deep cultural deposits. Over more than 1,000 years, Wuzhen has never changed its name, address, system of waterways or lifestyle.

Location: Wuzhen Town, Tongxiang 314500, China


Wu Zhen West Village (乌镇西柵) Entrance

Wu Zhen West Village02

Wu Zhen West Village (乌镇西柵)


Xuchang Paste Company

Xuchang Paste Company is a century-old name brand situated in the traditional handmade products area of Wuzhen. Walking into the workshop, one is faced with a courtyard covered with blue-gray jars. The name of the workshop and the date of production are marked on each one of them. On a sunny day, the jars’ bamboo covers are removed and the taste of sunshine seeps right in.SONY DSC


Yida Silk Workshop

Renowned as “the land of silk,” Wuzhen is one of China’s most famous centers of silk production.Founded in 1875, Yida Silk Workshop has experienced many ups and downs in the past one and a half centuries. Today’s Yida has developed into a vertically integrated business, owning the entire silk production process, from planting mulberry trees, to raising silk worms, to silk reeling, to silk spinning and finally silk weaving.



Indigo Fabric Workshop(Wuzhen East Scenic Zone)

Wuzhen is one source of the world famous fabric, indigo. The Indigo Fabric Workshop was founded in Wuzhen South Scenic Zone during the 13th century when Mongolian rule replaced the Song Dynasty. It was moved to the present site in the late 19th century during the reign of the Qing Dynasty Emperor, Guangxu. Today the dyehouse still serves as both the production base and distribution center of indigo cloth.


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